Shot by Joris van Egmond

Jean-Casimir Morreau | Photo by Joris van Egmond

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I am evolving towards taking on more consultancy-based work and developing workshops about creativity, co-creation and innovation. I’m still interested in how design can facilitate communication, however design is becoming more secondary. Because most of all, I’m interested in doing conscious and sustainable business on all levels. For a long time, I kept my two main interests completely separate; on the one hand I was busy with self development whilst on the other hand I was professionally interested in strategy and design. By expanding my work into creating strategies for conscious businesses, my personal and professional interests can merge.

Studio Morreau is currently focusing on visual simplicity and planned conceptual work. I’m involved in branding and designing identities, thinking through their strategy, communication and design. Alongside running my studio, I’m part-time teaching a variety of courses in design and strategy at AMFI-Amsterdam Fashion Institute. For AMFI, I’m also designing both new educational programs and promotions.

After a bachelor in interactive design and a master in interactive multimedia, both at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU), I started working at the concepts & formats department of Lost Boys. After gaining professional experience at Lost Boys I started Void7, an art organisation focusing on interactive installations and performances in different museums and theaters. Meanwhile I established my own multidisciplinary studio for my freelance design work: studio Morreau. In 2006 I started teaching a variety of courses in design and branding at AMFI-Amsterdam Fashion Institute.

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