AMFI TRANSIT is a yearly graduation event from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and showcases the work of over a 120 Design, Management and Branding graduates, with an exhibition and two livestreamed catwalk shows in the World Fashion Centre. I have been involved for 4 years designing the identity and exhibition.

The identity needed to be timeless used over many years, flexible in many situations, and able to showcase creativity

Tasks include:
art direction, identity, posters, website design, motion graphics, large exhibition graphics. 

Main Logo


The main logo needed to be very flexible, simple and straight forward, so that the work of the graduates can stand on the foreground and we only need to change the graduate year.


These are the simple yearly transitions.


The flexibility of the identity is shown here with the main logo board, where each time only 1/3
of the sign needs to be replaced by the graduation year.

AMFI-transit-03 AMFI-transit-04


AMFI-transit-05 AMFI-transit-06 AMFI-transit-07

AMFI-transit-08 AMFI-transit-09