Over the past 8 years, I have taught a variety of courses in design and branding, mainly; graphic-design, typography, print, digital design, online branding and strategy. My teaching tasks involve designing and teaching workshops with multiple colleagues, subject specific toolshops mostly taught individually, and coaching of minor and graduate students.

Skills: Design and facilitate brainstorm sessions, workshops, lectures, presentation & coaching.

Currently my first teaching subject is concept and strategy for fashion brands, the primary focus being online and social-media, I teach a second year class called ‘online branding’ where students design a new online marketing approach for a fashion brand. Next to this I also coach graduate students on their design & strategy within there final projects.

My second teaching subject is the design of new fashion brand identities. Second year students get a class called ‘Identity Design’, where they learn the basis of identity design for fashion brands.
Next too teaching I also create and design new educational programs and help form the promotion for AMFI.

Learning spaces to learn from

Hyper Island is a creative business school with a consultancy side specializing in real-world industry training using digital technology.
The KaosPilots is a 3 year-long alternative business school located in Filmbyen, close to the harbor of Aarhus, Denmark.
Brooklyn Brainery is accessible, community-driven, crowdsourced education. Classes on anything and everything in NYC.



Presentation on the history of Branding for 200 first year students.